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Tom's IPX Tunneling Daemon - TipxD

Welcome to http://tipxd.sourceforge.net/

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Tipxd is an open-source linux-daemon that listens for IPX traffic on local ethernet devices, packages it, and then sends it via TCP or UDP to another copy of tipxd running on a remote host, where it is unpacked and sent to the local interfaces of the remote host. This, in effect, makes the IPX networks appear as if all IPX peers were on the same physical hub. This facilitates the playing of games where TCP/IP connections are not possible(for example where the two IPX machines are both behind firewalls), and the join Novell Netware Networks, share Windows Drives, etc.
Project Developers and Testers
  • Tom Hendrick - Developer, maintainer, overseer, despenser of knowledege, overlord, a few others that shouldn't really be mentioned in polite company...
  • Richard Clark - Developer, in charge of portability issues, generally a Nice-Guy(tm).
  • Roman Shterenzon - Developer, in charge of testing stuff when we get the tipxd-test module worked out, also a Nice-Guy(tm).
How to become a tipxd Developer

If you'd like to become a tipxd developer, Register at sourceforge.net as a developer, and then E-mail Tom Hendrick using the link above, and let me know that you are interested. If you seem like a Nice-Guy(tm) or a Nice-Girl(tm), we'll let you into our little clubhouse. =)

Ha! Who are You kidding! But seriously folks, there is a manual included with the distribution in LaTeX format. When I get the chance, I will convert it to HTML and post it on this site.
Current Releases

There are no current releases as of yet. You can check the file page from the main project page, or you can check here for the current tipxd file list.

A Note on Version Numbering

For releases tipxd follows the linux-kernel version numbering scheme. For minor versions, an even number indicates a stable release, an odd number indicates a developer release.


Next currently scheduled release will be tipxd-2.0.0, and will happen May 1st, 2000. At that time the developer branch will be started, and will be labeled as tipxd-2.1.0. I am not sure about the features that will be included in this release, beyond basic functionality.

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